Oravado, the tourism platform for Italy, is here

Oravado Logo
Oravado Logo

As the first real large-scale initiative of my commitment to the enhancement of the beautiful country, I created, together with a group of investors, a guided tour, activity and ticket booking service called Oravado.

Soon available on mobile devices (iOS and Android) and on the web (Oravado.com), Oravado aims to spread an experiential slow-tourism that is so lacking in Italy.

Tourists will benefit from this platform, who will notice extremely lower prices than the average of the major OTAs, but also tour operators, who in addition to enjoying low competition, given the novelty of the service, and minimal commissions, will enjoy also of an innovative advertising and branding service.

This advertising service will translate the main features of each tour / activity / service into animated videos with proven entertainment, automatically generated using sophisticated Artificial Intelligence algorithms. The aim is to let tourists know the reasons why it is interesting to book the advertised activity, without boring the viewer of the video, but rather entertaining them to the end, enhancing even more the contents made explicit by the provider.

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