The world is a white wall with a beautiful boot-shaped painting in the center.

- Matteo Russo

A passion for Italy

Who is, then, Matteo Russo?

Entrepreneur, developer, designer, marketer, music producer, drummer, ghostwriter, screenwriter, Neapolitan traveler: you name it. Promoter of the italian cultural heritage, at 24, I live my life paying attention to the most important moments and I fill it as much as possible with joy and satisfaction. 

My passion for Italy is born after having travelled the world, after having been a flight attendant at the age of 19 and having realized in what paradise I was lucky enough to be born. What fills my heart is to see the world realize the incredible amount of beauties our beloved boot-shaped country possesses.

With my hard work over the past 5 years, an innovative company behind, and many achievements, I put aside the anxiety of money. Now my aim is to give to those who have given me so much. At the top of this list is a word: Italy.


If you appreciate my work and my efforts, become a supporter of my cause. In return, you will receive rewards, gratitude, and references in my future articles and videos.

Become a supporter

Do you want to participate in the new renaissance?

Unfortunately, the commitment to create a new Italian renaissance does not only weigh on the muscles and mind, but also on the piggy bank. If you like, you can offer a donation to support my noble cause on my patreon, a platform created especially for making donations.

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